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Seafood is Essential to Your Health


Seafood is a powerhouse food. Science shows that seafood can have powerful benefits for your health – from reducing your risk for heart disease to supporting brain and eye health. Take control of your health and find out more below about how seafood can benefit you.

Explore Seafood Health Topics

Find out how seafood can help keep your heart strong.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourages pregnant women to eat a minimum of two meals of a variety of seafood each week.

Seafood is rich in omega-3s, which can help your eyesight.

The omega-3s in seafood can help your brain develop and stay sharp.

It’s easy to incorporate more fish into your weekly meals.


For example, canned and pouch tuna are delicious, low-calorie staples that have essential nutrients like protein and omega-3s and are ready to add to many recipes for an additional boost of healthfulness.Find great seafood recipes here.


Find out more above about the benefits of seafood on all aspects of your health, and download this fact sheet for more information.