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An oily fish diet increases insulin sensitivity compared to a red meat diet in young iron-deficient women

Authors: Santiago Navas-Carretero, et al. / Journal: British Journal of Nutrition, August 2009


Researchers followed 25 young iron-deficient women to compare how two diets – one rich in oily fish, the other rich in red meat – affect several factors linked to type 2 diabetes. The study found that insulin levels were nearly 20 percent lower with the oily fish diet than with the red meat diet and iron status was similar in both groups, suggesting oily fish is a source of iron that may have additional insulin sensitivity benefits. 

Iron status biomarkers in iron deficient women consuming oily fish versus red meat diet

Authors: S. Navas-Carretero, et al. / Journal: Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry, June 2009


People with iron-deficiency anemia are advised to eat more red meat, but the general population is advised to eat less red meat and more fish to help prevent heart disease.  This study looked at the effects of eating an oily fish compared to a red meat diet on iron status in women with low iron stores.  Among twenty-five young women followed for two eight-week periods of time, an oily fish diet compared to a red meat diet did not decrease iron status, suggesting that the enhancing effect of oily fish on iron absorption may help overcome the reduced iron intake.