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Environmental Health Perspectives

Separation of Risks and Benefits of Seafood Intake

Authors: Esben Budtz-Jorgensen, et al. / Journal: Environmental Health Perspectives, March 2007


Mercury exposure in the original Faroe Islands study mainly originated from ingestion of pilot whale meat, so this study adjusted the data to determine the effects of eating fish. Fish intake has a beneficial effect on all seven outcome functions considered. Those that are statistically significant are motor and spatial functions.

Maternal Fish Consumption, Hair Mercury and Infant Cognition in a U.S. Cohort

Authors: Emily Oken, et al. / Journal: Environmental Health Perspectives, June 2005


To assess the association between eating fish during pregnancy and infant cognition, researchers followed over 100 mother/infant pairs enrolled in Project Viva.  Visual memory and IQ level tests reveal that higher fish intake among mothers is associated with higher infant cognition, with the highest scores among infants of women who eat more than two weekly fish servings of lower mercury fish.