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Fifteen-Year Trends in Awareness of Heart Disease in Women

Authors: L, Mosca, et al. / Journal: Circulation, February 2013


The survey is a 15-year follow up to the American Women's Awardness of Cardiovascular Disease Risk study. The survey compared women's view in 1997 and today and found that although women are more aware of heart disease as the leading cause of death, black and Hispanic women awareness remain low. The survey also found women 25-34 years hold had the lowest rate of awareness. The researchers urge for more lifestyle and prevent messages to spread awareness.

Intake of Fish and n3 Fatty Acids and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Among Japanese

Authors: Hiroyasu Iso, et al. / Journal: Circulation, October 2006


Eating seafood once or twice per week is shown to reduce the risk of heart disease in Western countries. Researchers tracked the diets of over 40,000 Japanese men and women for 10 years to determine if eating much more fish than a typical Western diet further reduces heart disease risk. Japanese participants who eat the most fish, about eight servings per week, have a 40 percent reduced risk for heart disease.